March 8th / 2021 |
Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day


Golden Rock Studios wants to celebrate the women in our small team who both play a big part in the success we achieve!


2021 has certainly started off as the year of the woman at Golden Rock with Sintija Strauta being promoted to the role of General Manager and also Chaney Norton joining as our first full time Studio Intern.


Sintija started off at GRS as our Accounts Manager immediately adding great value to the business by implementing new procedures and processes which have helped shaped our forecasting and budget preparation.


Being a small studio team we all have to pitch in to help out in other areas and Sintija has demonstrated that by taking on many tasks and duties, many of which needed some TLC and organising to ensure all the team members have few distractions and can all concentrate on what they do best – making awesome casino and slot games!


The progression doesn’t stop there for Sintija and Golden Rock Studios! Currently working her way through a course to become accredited in Gibraltar Tax which will not only add an extra string to the bow, but equally will help Sintija drive Golden Rock Studios on to the next level as we all work together with a strong growth plan as our target.

Sintija is a consciences eater, a keen traveller and a woman who enjoys nothing more than getting the most out of life. She doesn’t just show off her steely determination inside the GRS office, last summer she didn’t even let a pandemic stop her in her pursuit of happiness as she managed to travel back to her home land Latvia to marry her partner. Although she says that they are planning to finally get away for their honeymoon this year – which will no doubt be a well earned rest and chance to recharge her batteries after a busy 1st half of 2021.


Since we said goodbye to 2020, Golden Rock Studios were also delighted to officially make Chaney Norton our first Studio Intern. Chaney will join the full time team at Golden Rock Studios after demonstrating some outstanding work and a desire to take the role and make it her own. Chaney plans to get the most out of her opportunity to learn and grow within an amazing small Studio Team, supported by our highly talented and experienced Art Team.


Chaney has already made a significant contribution to Golden Rock Studios since joining and is set to take on more and more responsibilities in the coming months. In particular focussing early on with the games marketing art and also creating bespoke graphics and images for our casino partners. Adding the extra creativity needed in the games marketing, the work Chaney has done so far has had a big impact on how we are able to provide that extra bit of support to our clients.


Outside of the office Chaney enjoys the outdoors and apart from spending time riding and caring for horses, she also represented Great Britain in the Junior Padel Tennis World Championships at the 2015 event in Mexico and also the 2017 event in Spain. Adding to her list of hobbies Chaney will start to undertake a number of courses which will help her grow within her role and indeed with her promising career with Golden Rock Studios.



So it’s onwards and upwards for Golden Rock Studios and indeed for the talented women we are proud to have on our team. As we head into a very busy 2021 and beyond – all the team at Golden Rock Studios would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to Sintija, Chaney and all the other amazing women who have made great strides within the gaming industry and help to make it as vibrant and as exciting as any industry can possibly be in the current climate.


Happy International Woman’s Day, and keep on smashing through that glass ceiling <3