May 23rd / 2019 |
Golden Rock team building.. up the rock!

Members of the Golden Rock Studios art team in London came over to Gibraltar for a team building event and also to work closely with the Gibraltar Team on polishing some of the fantastic new games which are in development.

Aside from having a very productive week working together on polishing up a few of the great new slots titles due for release soon, Paola and Karolina joined the Gibraltar team for a day out up the Rock of Gibraltar.

During a fun filled day the team visited the St. Michael’s Caves, walked along the Sky Bridge, took in the amazing views of Africa’s coastline, as well as the far reaching views into mainland Spain from the other side of the Rock and most importantly met the longest serving residents of Gibraltar – the Barbary Macaque Apes!

Drinks and dinner followed the day out and it’s safe to say everyone had a great time and got to know each other better, which has already started to be evident in the way the 2 teams are working closer than ever.

Everyone is excited for the next team building event this winter! In the meanwhile, it’s time to make some high quality gaming content which will stand out from the crowd.